Former senior staff nurse is struck off

By staff reporter in Local People

A former senior staff nurse at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital has been struck off because of mistakes he made while treating two patients.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council found that Boban Elavunkal did not properly assess a patient who suffered a fall at the hospital in September 2013. Nor did he sound an emergency alarm after the incident.

Mr Elavunkal told a colleague that the patient was unhurt whereas in fact he had back pain and should have been neurologically monitored.

During a night shift in June 2014, Mr Elavunkal failed to tell colleagues that another patient’s condition was getting worse.

Mr Elanvunkal resigned in September of the following year.

The NMC meeting in London decided Mr Elanvunkal should be banned from the nursing profession.

Panel chairman David Boden said: "Rather than remedying his practice, he repeatedly defended his behaviours and has demonstrated a complete failure to recognise his failings, and the effect of them and his actions on patients, colleagues and the nursing profession.

"In light of his lack of insight, and the impact of his actions on others, we conclude there is a high risk of repetition of his misconduct.

"We conclude that, notwithstanding the personal and professional hardship which such a sanction might cause Mr Elavunkal, a striking off order is the only sufficient, appropriate and proportionate sanction to protect the public."

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